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What Has Been Accomplished So Far

Alert has the privilege of being on the front line equipping church leaders and members with the ability to transform their local communities through leadership development and economic empowerment. The desperate communities of the war-torn Congo are looking for a new model of leadership that transcends partisan interests and personal honor and gratification. The church can provide this, if only they will embrace Jesus’ model of servant leadership. With servant leadership, we can build strong reconciling communities and address Congo’s real problems that seek to denigrate, dehumanize and thereby destroy communities through: Extreme poverty, Political and civil instability, Violence and poor healthcare system, Substandard housing and malnutrition which dramatically affect education achievement.

Pastors Training Seminars

Pastor Training Seminars: Seminars are currently being held bi annually, attracting 250 local pastors and lay leaders with training seminars. They seek training in Jesus’ model of servant leadership that addresses the unique difficulties African leaders face.

Business Development - Economic Growth for the Poorest 

ALERT is teaching business leaders to discover resources in their own communities to build sustainable businesses. ALERT has been providing some tools to start up businesses.

Women's Ministry Training

ALERT is training women with new skills in sewing and farming techniques to increase their productivity to help them provide for their families.

Staff Building and Training

  • ALERT’s director was trained in Tropical Agriculture at ECHO based in Fort Myers, Florida in January 2015.
  • ALERT’S director attended a conference on worldview organized by Disciple Nations Alliance in England in March 2015


  • ALERT has published 2 tracts on the topics of rape and corruption. They were designed with a focus on education and evangelization. Both of these topics are unfortunately a common occurrence in Congo, with little (public acknowledgment)being said about either.

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