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ALERT exists: to equip and empower the local church both economically and spiritually for the purpose of seeing poverty eradicated and the sending out of local and global missional partners.

Children's Worship in the Republic of Congo in August 2013

Local Impact in


Bob Osburn of Wilberforce Academy - Letter of Recomendation

 ”Africa’s future depends upon courageous and visionary Christian leaders who will sacrifice 

themselves to bring a Christian worldview and biblical training to millions hungering to know and follow Jesus Christ. Kisongo Mbeleulu is a servant leader with a vision for a nation and a continent transformed economically, politically, and culturally by the Gospel.”


Community Development, Leadership Development,

Peacemaking Training & Missional Training


Pastors Training Seminars

Women's Ministry Training

Small Business Development

Caring for those along the way


ALERT: African Leadership Empowerment Reconciliation and Transformation

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has experienced long years of dictatorship and numerous wars over the last several decades. These dictators and wars have resulted in extreme poverty, division and hatred among communities and overwhelming violence (massacres, rape of women and more). Over 5.4 million people died from "conflict related causes" from 1998-2007 alone*. According to Rescue.Org, "Congo is the world’s least developed country in terms of life expectancy, education, standard of living and key health indicators, like maternal and child mortality."*

Communities in Congo are looking for change! Many are seeking a new model of leadership that transcends special interests and personal gratification. This can only be achieved through a good, sound educational model. 

Our Solution

ALERT- African Leadership Empowerment Reconciliation and Transformation- is a Christian ministry focused on building strong, reconciled communities which address in a biblical perspective the real issues that seek to denigrate, dehumanize and destroy communities in Congo and Africa.

Our vision is to see local churches of Eastern Congo ignite spiritual and economic transformation across Congo and beyond. Read more about who we are.

Our unique model has allowed us to see harmony among tribal factions, economic stability and growth and many more improvements. See examples!

One pastor who received our training stated, “ALERT is building a new foundation in the African church.” 

We need your partnership to mobilize the local church over in Congo in advancing this powerful, Gospel-based transformation. Learn how you can partner with us.

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